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    With years of experience on supplying fishing tackles, New Vision Manufacturing Co., Ltd has been committed to creating quality Fishing Lures, Minnow & Jerk, Crank baits, Top water, Vibration, Popper, Metal jig, Spinner bait, Buzz baits, Swim baits, Trolling lures, Jig heads, Jig hooks, Soft baits, Ice fishing lures, Plugs, Fishing Terminal tackles such swivels and snaps, Wire Leaders and Fishing equipment.
Snap swivels prevent twists or kinks in the line. They also provide a particularly efficient means of changing hooks, leaders and lures quickly. Snaps, for example, are versatile and can be used as a means to quickly change weight size, lures and hooks. Snaps are commonly used to take the place of knots, and greatly reduce the amount of time required to adjust to changing fishing situations.
Fishing Wire leaders are a great way to protect your line from toothy fish and also for quick changing baits. Fluorocarbon is fishing leader that is nearly invisible in the water. Titanium is fishing leader that stretches up to 10% without permanent damage to the line itself. Stainless Steel 1x7, 7x7 or 1x19 offers high breaking strength and more realistic action.
Fishing lure is an object attached to the end of a fishing line which is designed to resemble and move like the prey of a fish. The purpose of the lure is to use movement, vibration, and colour to catch the fish's attention so it bites the hook. Lures are equipped with one or more single, double, or treble hooks that are used to hook fish when they attack the lure.

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